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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Canvas Shoes, $22 per pair
Pls refer to size chart at bottom of page before placing order.
Due to popularity of the shoes, some designs/sizes may be oos by the time order is submitted to Korea.
Pls indicate a minimum of 2 choices in your order.
Orders with one choice will automatically be refunded if oos.
Eg. Choice 1: bc02 - stripe ribbon, 36, pink (we will order this first)
Choice 2: bc01- dot ribbon, 36, black w white dots (we will order this if choice 1 is oos)
If both choices are oos, we will do a refund.
You may indicate up to 3 choices in your order arranged in your priority preference.
Kindly click on the pics for a bigger view.

bco1 - Dot Ribbon
L to R: Black w white dots, Red w white dots, White w green dots, White w blue dots
Top: White w black dots, Model: Red w white dots
CV02 - Steadysteady Seller
L to R: Red Polka, Black Polka, Red, Light Yellow, Light Pink, Light Blue, Navy
Top: Green, Model: Light Yellow, Red

bc02 - Stripe Ribbon
L to R: Navy, Light Blue, Pink
Top: Light Blue, Model: Red
bc19-1 - Basic Canvas
L to R: Navy, Light Yellow, Light Blue, Light Pink, White
Top: Light Blue, Model: Navy
bc4 - Easy E Ribbon
L to R: Light Pink Checkered, Light Blue Checkered, Black Polka, White Polka, Plain Navy, White, Black Checkered, Red Checkered
Top: White Polka, Model: Black Checkered

bc55 - Cute Ribbon
L to R: Black Checkered, Red Checkered, Black Polka, White Polka, White, Navy
Top: Red Checkered, Model: Black Checkered

bc99 - Malrang Canvas
L to R: Navy, Grey, Light Blue, Beige, White, Light Pink
Top: Grey, Model: White
bc50 - Heart Ribbon
L to R: Black, White
Top: White, Model: Black
Rc1- Basic Canvas
L to R: navy, Light Blue, White, Red
Top: Navy, Model: Light Blue
bc75 - Band Cute
L to R: Black Polka, White Polka, Navy, White
Top: Pink Polka, Model: Red Polka

bc17 - Hangain st Canvas
L to R: Navy, Light Blue, Light Pink, White
Top: Beige, Model: Beige
bc15 - Cute Ribbon
Black Checkered, Red Checkered, White Polka, White w colorful polka, Light Pink, White, Light Blue, Navy, Light Blue Checkered, Light Pink Checkered
Top: Black Polka, Model: Pink Checkered
Size Chart
All designs available from sizes 36-40.
Not sure of your size? Measure the length of your feet from tallest toe to bottom of heel.

Eg. 230mm, you are a size 36.
Eg 233mm, advised to choose size 37 instead of 36.